Preventative Dentistry

Our dentists play an important role in caring for your oral health.

Tooth Decay Detection

Early detection of tooth decay and gum inflammation

Early stages of tooth decay or gum disease do not tend to show obvious physical signs and may go unnoticed by patients if they do not cause discomfort. However, even without pain, oral health could be deteriorating.

Your dentist will be able to identify and assess the signs of early issues during dental examinations and investigation with x-rays. As a result management and treatment can be carried out before pain occurs or the situation becomes more complex.

Catching dental problems early can help treatment to be easier, less invasive and less expensive so dental examinations tailored to regular intervals are recommended.

Mouth Cancer Screening

Mouth cancer is a malignant growth which can occur in any part of the mouth, including the tongue, lips and throat. Mouth cancers have a higher proportion of deaths per number of cases than breast cancer, cervical cancer or skin melanoma. The mortality rate is just over 50 percent, despite treatment, with about 1,700 deaths per year in the UK because of late detection. Visit our practice at once if you notice any abnormal problems with your oral health.

To learn more about mouth cancer and prevention, visit the sites linked below.

Mouth Cancer Foundation
The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a registered charity that raises awareness of mouth cancers and provides information and support to patients, carers and health professionals.

Giving Up Smoking
Giving up smoking requires preparation, determination, and support. This site helps you with each of these.

Are You Due for a Cleaning?

Cleanings and check-ups should happen every six months. If it’s been longer than that since your last visit to our Brentwood dental practice, it’s time to book an appointment. We’ll help deep clean your teeth and get you back on the right track with your oral hygiene.